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He vowed to “shake up” an institution marred by scandal and corruption. Is he succeeding?

If not, why not? Will other Conservative rabbis accept a conversion done by a Conservative rabbi outside the RA? Will Reform recognize it? Will the Orthodox?

How will that affect my children, my grandchildren? How will it be treated in America? In Israel? Again, many of these concerns might not be immediately — nor ever — relevant to someone who knowingly has evaluated the various denominations and rabbis in her orbit and has chosen that rabbi and that institution. But full disclosure always is valuable when receiving life-impacting professional services.

For example, there are some rabbis who present themselves as Orthodox and who make a business, an income stream, out of converting people. Likewise, within Orthodoxy itself, there are concerns about outlier rabbis who are on the periphery, who identify outside the mainstream normative Orthodox rabbinate, whose interpretations of Orthodoxy are not the same as those universally adopted by the mainstream.

Therefore, mainstream rabbis will not subsequently conduct marriages for such people who have undergone such outlier conversions, and typical mainstream Orthodx families will resist engaging in marriage-track social relationships with such people unless they undertake an entire new conversion process.

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Such people converted by such outlier rabbis will find, to their great astonishment born of their total innocence, that they will not be called to the Torah nor counted in a minyan in a great many mainstream Orthodox congregations, and their future children will not be regarded as Jewish unless the children undergo a conversion themselves. They will learn that such conversions conducted by outliers are tantamount to someone presenting as a naturalized American citizen with paperwork of citizenship conferred by a disbarred judge or by a judge who never sat on the proper federal bench that empowers her to rule on citizenship applications under Title 8 of the United States Code.

One step is to ask whether the converting rabbi is a member in good standing of the Rabbinical Council of America RCA. In other words, perhaps the rabbi is a member of an alternative rabbinical body.

10 things not to ask a convert (from someone who is) | Jewish News

If so, how is that rabbinic body regarded? The Reform and Conservative rabbinates leave less confusion in this regard because they are more uniformly centralized than is Orthodoxy. In other words, perhaps the rabbi is on some grand personal crusade that makes RCA membership unimportant to him — indeed, perhaps his personal philosophic crusade even has made him ineligible for RCA membership in the first place — and perhaps he even is on some kind of pioneering life quest to establish his own philosophy of what Orthodox Judaism should be.

All that is fine and noble — for him. But a prospective Orthodox convert deserves and must demand full disclosure because perhaps she is not a pioneer as the rabbi is, and perhaps all she wants is for her Orthodox conversion to be accepted universally here and in Israel, and to be accepted universally for all time, for her and for her future progeny.

This additional paragraph recited at the conclusion of the Amidah was one of a number of personal meditations the ancient rabbis would recite. Global Jewish Food.

Jewish tradition is no stranger to infertility, but it is only recently that liturgical responses to this struggle have emerged. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you.

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Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. If you are in Israel, click here for more information about the conversion process there. It is also possible now to take classes online — and even go through the entire conversion process online. However, many communities, particularly in Europe, do not recognize online conversions.

Circumcision If the candidate is male, the first step in a traditional conversion is to undergo brit milah , or circumcision, or if already circumcised, hatafat dam brit [ritual extraction of a drop of blood]. Beit Din Rabbinic Court Once the circumcision has healed, a beit din is assembled. Join Our Newsletter Empower your Jewish discovery, daily.

Sign Up. What about in Israel? Dear Feeling Jewish: People have been converting to Judaism since time immemorial; some are quite famous, like Ruth, who has her own book in the Jewish Bible and from whose lineage it is said the Messiah will come.

My mom was Jewish. Can I convert to Judaism?

My guess is that your co-worker is not part of a synagogue or a Jewish study program. In a formal Jewish setting, he would have learned that being Jewish is not only a matter of lineage. There are two general stereotypes about converts. One, they are super Jews — more knowledgeable and more observant than born Jews. Two, they are fair-weather Jews; at any moment they will lapse back to their non-Jewish identity.

Neither of these is fair or accurate, but stereotypes rarely are. In modern days we have several different branches of Judaism. For Jews-by-choice, their identity as Jews is determined by that of the rabbi who converts them. So if you work with a Reform rabbi, you will have a Reform conversion and Jews who believe your rabbi is authentic will accept you as Jewish. Reform Jews accept as validly Jewish those converts who work with ordained rabbis from major Jewish streams. Other movements have other criteria, and Orthodox rabbis accept only Orthodox conversions as truly authentic.