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Days of Heaven on Earth

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35. The High Priestly Prayer of Jesus (John 17)

I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one — as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

Jesus didn't pray just for his immediate disciples, but also for those who would believe on him because of their word. Folks, that includes us! Jesus looked beyond the first generation of believers and saw others who would follow him. His prayer for them, and for us, is that we would be unified so that the world around us will believe that God sent Jesus to be the Savior of the world.

So let's get together by coming to Jesus and seeking his life, his love, his will, and his Spirit to help us be what he has called us to be. More What Jesus Did! Imagine the incredible spirit of uplifting these men experienced in this final phase of Jesus ministry with his disciples. He spoke of their great contribution when He said, "Guys, you're going to take my gospel to the world". They're thinking, maybe I'll go to my hometown or to the next village. Jesus says, "I've chosen you because I believe you can change the world. The world is going to know about the love I have for them.

God has placed us here so that we can meet the needs of others. My favorite story about meeting the needs of others is about the child who wanted a bike for his birthday. When his dad tucked him in for bed, he prayed with an extremely loud voice, "God, I really want that blue bike from Wal-Mart. Unity becomes possible when we acknowledge our personal needs and our responsibility to help other with their needs.

Jesus says, "I have given them glory" Glory calls attention to the holiness and the purity of God.


Jesus represented the glory and the holiness of God, and we have received the call to represent that same type of integrity or holiness. Verse 19 says that they would be sanctified in Christ. I John says if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another. Unity flourishes when we live holy, clean, and pure lives. The dictionary defines integrity as a state of being that is complete or unified. Integrity means wholeness or completeness. The Bible reveals that Christ fills the longing of our soul, binds up broken hearts, or makes our life complete. When there is integrity, the saints of God are willing to trust one another.

The experience of unity is accompanied by a confidence in your brothers and sisters to fulfill their responsibility without being coerced or begged. You can focus on your assigned area because you trust other saints to do their job. In these closing chapters of John, you find Jesus calling these men to be one in Christ by trusting one another with their lives. They are going to work together, serve together, and some are even going to die together. Two areas of our lives require yielding.

First, we yield to the Lordship of Christ. Because God has exalted Christ, we submit our life to the authority of Christ. Jesus is Lord. Then, having yielded to the Lordship of Christ, we have the capacity to yield to one another in the glorious cause sharing the gospel. The driving call is "that the world may know. Several centuries ago, ancient China wanted to secure its borders from its northern invaders.

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They had an ingenious plan. They built a great wall to protect the border. It was so thick that no one could knock it down. It was so long that no one could get around it. They posted soldiers at different places. It was built wide enough on the top for chariots to patrol.

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If they heard of an attack at distant location, they could easily get to it. They were up high giving them a superior advantage over their enemies. They knew that they had protected their borders sufficiently against all enemies. But, in the first years of the Great Wall of China, the nation was invaded three times. An enemy bribed the gatekeeper and entered into the land undetected. When we diminish the importance of unity in the body of Christ, we risk being invaded by the enemy.

I. The power of unity

God has called us to divine fellowship. That fellowship is one of the most powerful tools of witness to a lost and dying world. If we don't protect it, strive for it, and do everything we can to promote it, we open the gate to the enemy. The enemy will attack your family and your church, causing ineffectiveness and destruction. Select an option and chat directly with a member of our support team.

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