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And will those screaming natives also hack, shoot, bomb and rape innocent tourists amid the tacky souvenirs and charming neighborhoods surrounding their five-star hotels? Could this happen to an American family with two darling daughters as soon as they arrive here in Thailand?

Watch Hollywood's latest Asia-based action potboiler -- "No Escape" stars Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan -- and you might see your worst and most absurd fears vividly displayed. Countless quivering, desperately pleading Thai actors soon become dead meat, expertly minced by other Thai actors, bug-eyed and grimacing.

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Wilson, playing a sincere Texas multinational executive, and his resourceful motherly wife Lake Bell also eventually kill. But the urbane Americans are different from the "locals" who slaughter, because the brave husband and wife are just trying to survive and escape the mobs.

Where is this imaginary, unidentified, land of evil? Aside from all that ridiculousness, one of the most interesting aspects of "No Escape" is the real-life, behind-the-scenes intrigue that enabled it to be filmed. The movie was shot in Thailand's tourist-friendly northern cities of Chiang Mai and Lampang.

To avoid implying that Thailand is an anarchistic destination swarming with homicidal Thais, most of the signage that appears in the film's streets, markets, advertisements and elsewhere is actually neighboring Cambodia 's Khmer script, lamely printed upside down.

Cambodia also gets smeared as the film's imaginary, unidentified, land of evil. That's because only one Southeast Asian country -- Vietnam -- is mentioned by name, and is repeatedly hailed as a much safer nation. The escaping Americans try to row a boat "to Vietnam. MORE: Best and worst expat movies of all time.

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Signage appearing in the movie was replaced by Cambodia's Khmer script but the rioters speak in Thai. Perhaps in an effort to protect its relationship with Thailand, where the film was shot, "No Escape" trashes Cambodia, which subsequently banned the movie. Director Dowdle, who also co-wrote with his brother Drew, has a track record in mid-list found-footage horror movies Quarantine , As Above So Below and here concentrates on talking-point perils such as requiring a father to throw his daughters off the roof of a high building a highlight, cannily teased on the trailer.

It would be a deeper film if its hero were even slightly complicit in the crimes of his unseen bosses, but Dwyer is a just clueless boob who ambles out to get a newspaper and finds himself in the middle of a clash between brutal authorities who then disappear from the film and the marching mob.

Lake Bell, replacing originally-cast Michelle Monaghan, is stuck with the whiny, imperilled token wife role, upstaged by child actors Jerins World War Z and Geare Inception who ramp up the suspense by acting like little kids at the worst possible moment. Brosnan has another role after The Tailor of Panama , The Matador and Survivor that finds him as a seedy, down-at-heel ghost of his persona; he gives the film a little grit and character while serving as a plot-explainer and adding some seamy comic relief.

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No Escape is a modest step up for the Dowdle brothers and gets Wilson some points as an action star, but some audiences will find the special pleading on behalf of American innocents assailed by fiendish foreigners hard to take. Screen International is the essential resource for the international film industry. Subscribe now for monthly editions, awards season weeklies, access to the Screen International archive and supplements including Stars of Tomorrow and World of Locations. Site powered by Webvision Cloud.

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Great movie, if you have children I think this movie will really hit home with you, it's really a must see movie. Not the best movie ever but a really good movie that will have you at the edge of your seat. DotTheEyes Aug 26, On their first morning abroad, the fresh start is disrupted by an explosive coup and a Recently hired by an international conglomerate, an American man Owen Wilson spirits his reluctant wife Lake Bell and daughters Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare from Texas to Southeast Asia.

On their first morning abroad, the fresh start is disrupted by an explosive coup and a subsequent wave of anti-Western mob violence. With the help of a mysterious, seasoned expatriate Pierce Brosnan , the family fights to stay a step ahead of their pursuers and escape to bordering Vietnam.

No Escape is a fast, vicious, and highly involving action-suspense film. Wilson in a relatively rare, but not unprecedented dramatic role and Bell exude convincing parental desperation and dismay, while Brosnan is a scene-stealing delight, if a tad underutilized, as the debauched, jovial, unshaven Man with a Past Who Knows the Lay of the Land. The film zips from one close-call-in-close-quarters set piece to the next, rarely pulling a punch in regard to violence and nicely maintaining momentum and a pervasive atmosphere of claustrophobia and paranoia.

The specter of potential xenophobia is present this is a film in which a sympathetic white family is contrasted with and pit against a thronging Other, and there will be those who ignore the quality of the acting and craft on display because of this , but the film admirably, if a tad halfheartedly motions to temper this by also indicting Western corporations' acts of exploitation and resource plundering in the Third World. I for one have no significant problem with a grind-house-spirited film such as this mining stranger-in-a-strange-land unease: the spatial disorientation, the inability to easily communicate, etc.

After all, it is a real and recognizable experience and, by extension, a perfectly ripe subject for pulp entertainment. MadMaxFuryRoad Dec 23, It's a good film and a really intense one. I loved the plot behind the storyline and the characters were okay. The wife was pretty and the kids did fine too.

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  4. Pretty violent film and entertaining, but the only problem is probably how the plot works as the film progresses. Trev29 Dec 19, The movie is decent and pretty straightforward.

    The premise works well for the most part. However, there isn't really anything special about it that makes this movie stand out. KaptenVideo Dec 9, Cheap-looking but mostly functional old-fashioned thriller about American family in unnamed Asian country caught in the middle of the coup, trying to escape to freedom.


    Watchable during the first hour, it gets gradually more monotonous and boring in the last 40 minutes. It could be just Cheap-looking but mostly functional old-fashioned thriller about American family in unnamed Asian country caught in the middle of the coup, trying to escape to freedom.

    'No Escape': Film Review

    It could be just another straight to video thriller if it didn't have Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and Pierce Brosnan in starring roles. Sadly, there are no interesting characters or plot which consists mostly of trying to sneak past murderous Asians in locales that seem like leftovers from last "Rambo" movie. Which was great, by the way. The biggest draw here is certainly watching Owen Wilson not doing his usual schtick as aloof but really sweet guy who talks a lot. He still is all that, kind of, but setting is much more horrifying, and he even gets some blood on his hands.